Thursday, December 18, 2014

I am still here....

It sure has been a while since I have posted. So here is a quick update what and why I have not been around...

At the end of August I heard the most dreaded words that anyone wants to hear. I just had a procedure of a stomach scope due to a lot of pain. At first we thought that it was an ulcer but the diagnoses was that I have stomach cancer. The doctor said that it was early and treatable. He had also spoken with an Oncologist to refer me. So moving forward, I am now undergoing Chemo and my body is not happy with this at all. I have nausea for the first 3-9 days after the treatment. I have them every 2 weeks. I have finished my 5th treatment and by the next one we are discussing surgery, possible Radiation before and of course a scan to see how the treatments have worked so far. 

With all that been said I have to tell you that my creativity is not there right now. I miss my Copics and my die cuts but I just can't get the mojo going. So I will wait until it happens and continue to try every now and then. I will be back full force here soon, I know. I just can not promise when.

Until then 

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  1. Nadja, my prayers and thoughts are with you! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2014, at age 71. I knew chemo was bad but until I had to watch her and others so many others go through this horrid treatment I never knew the extent of what misery it was. Mom had her surgery and it is January as I found this post and she is as far as we know cancer free. Don't force yourself to do more than you is critical to helping your body heal and recover after each treatment. And I am by no means a doctor only a daughter who was her mother's caregiver but if the nausea persists insist on alternate medication! I harped on this for 11 weeks as my mom had a feeding tube down her nose and was starving literally to death before someone tried Marinol (you can research it) and within 48 hours her nausea was gone. It may not work for everyone but the point is I was told for 11 weeks that phenergan and zofran were the only choices..they are not! Insist on all paths being followed to your symptoms are under control. I am sorry to preach but I am passionate about this as so many suffer when just trying a few different meds can change the course of their treatment. Someone told me I would have to fight for my mom's life and be insistent about issues being followed though and I did have to do that. Love and light and prayers for you and your family, Nanette