Thursday, December 18, 2014

I am still here....

It sure has been a while since I have posted. So here is a quick update what and why I have not been around...

At the end of August I heard the most dreaded words that anyone wants to hear. I just had a procedure of a stomach scope due to a lot of pain. At first we thought that it was an ulcer but the diagnoses was that I have stomach cancer. The doctor said that it was early and treatable. He had also spoken with an Oncologist to refer me. So moving forward, I am now undergoing Chemo and my body is not happy with this at all. I have nausea for the first 3-9 days after the treatment. I have them every 2 weeks. I have finished my 5th treatment and by the next one we are discussing surgery, possible Radiation before and of course a scan to see how the treatments have worked so far. 

With all that been said I have to tell you that my creativity is not there right now. I miss my Copics and my die cuts but I just can't get the mojo going. So I will wait until it happens and continue to try every now and then. I will be back full force here soon, I know. I just can not promise when.

Until then