Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Fishes

I have a quick post to share with you all... My 6 year old son, Jon, decided yesterday that he was bored and wanted to do some crafting. And to be more specific, he wanted to use my Krafin Kimmie Stamps. He said "Mommy I want to use one of your special stamps with your Special Markers". Special Markers can be two things... Copics or Distress Markes from Tim Holtz. This time he was ok to use Distress Markers. On we went to the big box of Stamps and before we got there he knew what he wanted to color! 

Would you have guest this?! Neither did I. As we are picking out the colors he looked at me and said " I wish Kraftin Kimmie would come up with some Mermen Stamps!" I thought that this was a great idea, so I will post a picture of his/our card on Kraftin Kimmies FB page with his suggestion. He is so excited and he could not wait to finish the card. Here are some more picture of the coloring.

Did I tell you guys that this little guy loves glitter....? Oh my, He can not walk past glitter of any kind. Stickles is heaven for him! When we are in a Scrapbook Store he usually tells me he wants his one color and I can get whatever I want. He is too funny, lol. He picked the colors (4) Baby Blue, Turquoise, Cinnamon and Glam Pink.I guess one was not enough. A man after my heart! As the glue is drying I remembered that I had some paper with an under water scene and I actually found it in my stack of paper fairly quickly. Then it was a big decision on Jon's part where to place the card to make sure that everything was on the scene that he wanted to be transposed to the card. After a long deliberation and some guidance from me we found the spot.

Here you also see some embellishment that I added. The beaded coral. This is part of some Christmas garland from Michale's, I just cut of a section and used glue to added to the page. 

Jon wanted to add a sentiment and he chose Best Fishes that came with the Mermaid set from Kraftin Kimmie.

 I stamped the sentiment with the Spellbinder Tag die and while it was still in the die used Broken China ink to highlight the embossing pieces. And for the final reveal.....

I am so proud of his coloring job and the help he gave me to finish the design. Who knows what will be in store for this little guy. I know I am bias but I sure think he has talent!

Thank you for stopping by and take a look at our work. We sure enjoy comments.... :)

 Jon and Nadja


  1. He did a great job! I would be so proud! What a fun time together! PRETTY!!!

  2. That is the CUTEST!!!!! Love this Jon!! Such a beautiful job and that glitter is just the most perfect touch. She is just so pretty :)

  3. He is very talented! Great job you guys.

  4. Jon, You did a wonderful job making your card. I'm so proud of you. I like glitter just like you. I want to tell you that you are a really handsome young man. You keep making those wonderful cards and give them to someone really special.
    Hugs, Patricia

  5. This whole post is absolutely adorable! Jon did a fabulous job! I love all the glitter he added!