Saturday, June 23, 2012

Splish Splash

It has been a few days since my last post and that is due to me being back to work...ugh. But something needs to pay for my crafting habit, lol! So yesterday afternoon I picked up my son Joni from his school after work and we (yes, both of us) decided to go to our local Scrapbook store. We had not been in there in month. And do you know the ladies that work there know my Joni as the little boy that gets buttons. As we strolled around the store we get to the papers, by then he had his button already picked out, and he ask me if he could have some paper? Sure you can never have enough paper... He starts looking around and picking out some papers and I asked him if he knew what his creative side had in mind to do. He starts thinking and said" something robot" My first thought was sure we can do this I have a Cricut Robotz cartridge- NO Problem. All excited he was ready to go, since he had his paper already picked out. Now this is what we came up with:

We designed the card on my Gypsy to get the right size for the pieces involved. I was amazed how fast Joni picked up how to manipulate the images. It started out with the Robot. And it was a tough decision for him to pick just the right one. Then he wanted him to be in water... sure I have Life is a Beach and that has waves! So we added waves.

We switched one set of waves the other direction. You can't tell very well but the waves were sprayed with Perfect Pearl. So we had a dinosaur robot in water, now what is he doing? The answer..." Well Mommy he is playing." "Ok with who or what?" "With a toy", the answer came. "Can we narrow this down just a bit like a rubber ducky?" "No Mom", the answer came very fast. After all he is 6 years going on 30+. "Can you just put toys." "No honey that just doesn't work very well." So after looking through some booklets he found the fish. Great! That would work fantastic.
Onto the Gypsy he went to be adjusted. The fish is from the cartridge Splish Splash I flipped him, rotated him and angled him. Then we decided that a sun would be a good addition to the overall picture.
The cut was not perfect so we added the button in the middle and it looks super cute. This cut is from Accent Essentials. The finishing touch was the sentiment and Joni chose...
"Splish Splash"  This cut is from H2O. We had a great time working on this card and we think it turned out super cute. I feel so lucky to have one of my boys that enjoys crafts, paper and not to mention glitter! 
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Nadja and Joni

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