Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Card

First I need to forewarn everyone that this might turn into a lengthy post... My 6 year old son and I made his father a card for Father's Day and he did  70% of the card by himself. He is turning into quite a crafter. And here is the  finished Card... 

From the beginning Jon knew he wanted to use this image from the Cricut Father's Day cartridge. For the background of this cut out I wanted to do something special.

 So we used some Alcohol Inks from Ranger. Watermelon, Aqua, Lettuce and Mountain Stream. Jon picked those colors. When we put them on the paper he was amazed about the effect he got. he enjoyed this part.

I traced around the image and then cut out the background. Jon put the glue on and added the cut out to the background.

From the cut of the Cricut we were left with the word Dad. Jon thought that would look great ion the inside of his card and he could write the rest. So we added the Dad on some more of our created background paper and cut it out. We then went on the hunt for a heart stamp. Jon had so many choices that he threw his hands up in the air and said:" Mom there are too many choices I don't know what to pick!" I just thought- welcome to my world. Some days it is just hard to pick the RIGHT one. After some deliberating he found just the One and we were off to finish the card. 

Jon was kind enough to include his brother and he wrote WE love you and left room so his brother could sign the card. He is 3 so it will be some fun to get him to sign. Well I hope I did not bore everyone to pieces but I am very proud of what my Jon has made. Simple but very special- I just love him to pieces!
Thanks for taking a look and stopping by.

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  1. oh this is adorable! pezza LOVES alcohol inks too! and really they are fun to watch as you dab on the colors.great job jonathon!